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Attorney Results

Your search returned 39 results related to 'IT'S OFFICIAL - WEINTRAUB MERGES WITH SAN FRANCISCO FIRM TOBIN '.

Name Title Phone Email
Adams, David Shareholder 916.558.6028 Email
Bainbridge, Meagan Associate 916.558.6038 Email
Begley, Brendan Certified Appellate Law Specialist 916.558.6024 Email
Bentley, Taylor Associate 916.558.6129 Email
Bradus, Gary Shareholder 916.558.6012 Email
Brooks, Kay Shareholder 916.558.6055 Email
Campbell, Dale Shareholder 916.558.6014 Email
Chediak, Christopher Shareholder 916.558.6016 Email
Chediak, Janet Of Counsel 916.558.6063 Email
Clarke, Jim Shareholder 916.558.6084 Email
Corey, Jr., Edward Shareholder 916.558.6017 Email
Dankbar, Kelly Shareholder 916.558.6061 Email
De Angelis, Mike Shareholder 916.558.6164 Email
Edling, Susan Of Counsel 916.558.6099 Email
Gonzalez, Jr., Louis Shareholder 916.558.6105 Email
Hervey, Scott Shareholder 310.860.3304 : 916.558.6065 Email
Kachmar, James Shareholder 916.558.6122 Email
Kelso, C. Kevin Shareholder 916.558.6110 Email
Kent, Shawn Shareholder 916.558.6128 Email
Krotine, David Shareholder 916.558.6097 Email
Kvarme, Michael Managing Shareholder 916.558.6081 Email
Lieber, Chelcey E. Associate 916.558.6018 Email
Menezes, Darrin Shareholder 916.558.6050 Email
Millemann, Audrey Shareholder 916.558.6033 Email
Oelsner, Julie Of Counsel 916.558.6059 Email
Parker, Alden Shareholder 916.558.6041 : 415.772.9604 : 310.860.3315 Email
Pietsch, Jeffrey Associate 916.558.6118; 415.772.9611 Email
Plamondon, Scott Shareholder 916.558.6043 Email
Post, Charles Shareholder 916.558.6035 C: 916.996.6124 Email
Smith, Zachary Shareholder 916.558.6083 Email
Sylva, Kenneth Shareholder 916.558.6039 Email
Weintraub, Malcolm Of Counsel 916.558.6044; Carmel Office: 831.620.1809 Email
West, Lizbeth ("Beth") Shareholder 916.558.6082 Email

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