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Upcoming Speaking Engagement: Whose Book (of Business) Is It, Anyhow?

May 4, 2013

Download: Multi-State Chart re Covenants Not to Compete.PDF

Labor and Employment attorney Chuck Post will speak on: “Whose Book (of Business) Is It, Anyhow? What to do Before a Competitor Hires Your Employees – or You Hire Theirs” at the California Banker’s Association’s 122nd Annual Convention and 46th Annual Bank Counsel Seminar at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach on May 4.

Protecting the willingness of a network to refer business (and growing that willingness to refer) can be essential to a successful banking career or the very survival of a financial institution. But who owns those referral sources? What can banks lawfully do to protect this essential intangible asset? What can departing employees lawfully utilize?

A panel of two attorneys, including Chuck, and a banker, deeply experienced in trade secret protection, offer a review of the most recent court decisions and cutting edge strategies to protect trade secrets and maintain the right to compete lawfully. The presentation will include a brief power point presentation (California emphasis), a panel discussion of recent cases, and questions and answers.

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