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November 19, 2010

Larry Kelley and his senior management team at McClellan Park have joined the C.O.R.E. Group of Ali Mackani to lead the effort to develop a downtown Sacramento entertainment and sports complex. The group has also added as legal counsel and advisors the law firm of Weintraub Genshlea Chediak with the firm’s managing shareholder real estate attorney Mike Kvarme and attorney Matt Massari adding their past experience and efforts towards a new Arena for the Sacramento region. Kvarme represented the County of Sacramento in negotiating and structuring the master transaction for the sale of the former McClellan Air Force Base and the development of the public-private partnership between the County and the master developer of McClellan Park.

"The C.O.R.E. Group consists of members who share a passion to see the Arena built downtown and who believe that a community-based coalition is critical to achieving local support and project success" said President of McClellan Business Park, Larry Kelly in a November 18th press release. "A downtown arena has the ability to become a source of civic pride, revitalize our downtown core, generate income for our downtown businesses, and provide new sources of revenue for a struggling city budget. The construction will create jobs and reduce one of the highest unemployment rates in our state."

To read McClellan Park’s press release in its entirety, please click on the pdf link above.