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Longtime Weintraub Client, ThermoGenesis, Issued Press Release Regarding Sale of Common Stock

January 27, 2014

Download: 012714 Private Placement Press release Final.pdf

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif., January 27, 2014 — ThermoGenesis Corp. (Nasdaq: KOOL) today announced that it has entered into definitive agreements with institutional investors in connection with a private placement of common stock and warrants to purchase common stock. Upon the closing of this financing, ThermoGenesis will receive gross proceeds of approximately $6.67 million resulting from the issuance and sale of approximately 3.33 million shares of common stock at a price per share of $2.00. The purchasers will also receive warrants to purchase up to approximately 1.66 million shares of common stock at an exercise price of $2.81 per share. The warrants are non-exercisable for six months after the closing of the financing and have a term of 5 years.

To view the full press release click the link above.