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Scott Hervey Appointed To Hollywood Radio and Television Society Board

September 10, 2013

On Tuesday, September 10th at the Beverly Hilton, Scott Hervey was announced as one of the newest board members of The Hollywood Radio and Television Society. Scott had to be vetted and voted on by the existing board, and they welcomed him in with open arms. He now sits on a board with prestigious members of the radio and television world including the President of HBO Programming and the Vice President of Universal Television.

The Hollywood Radio and Television Society (HRTS) is the entertainment industry’s premier information and networking forum. Dating back since 1947, the HRTS gathers together leading industry executives and companies representing broadcast and cable networks, studios, talent and management agencies, producers, legal and financial firms, new media companies and more to speak on current trends in the business. The average HRTS attendee is VP level and above, and is responsible for the creation and development of entertainment properties for distribution across broadcast, cable, satellite, and the ever-evolving world of digital and new media spaces.

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