Josh Escovedo in the Sacramento Business Journal: North Sacramento Commercial Property Owners Sue City over Handling of Homeless Encampment

In a September 23, 2021 article in the Sacramento Business Journal, Jake Abbott writes that a group of commercial property owners have filed a lawsuit against the city of Sacramento for failing to address a number of issues with homeless people who set up camp near their properties along Railroad Drive. The plaintiffs claim the area has become unsanitary and unsafe for local citizens.

Josh Escovedo, who is representing the property owners in the case, is optimistic that the city will enforce the law in this matter.

We remain hopeful that the city of Sacramento, like the city and county of San Francisco in a similar action filed by U.C. Hastings College of Law related to the Tenderloin District being used as a containment zone, will come to the table to resolve the dispute by agreeing to enforce the law and upholding its mandatory obligations as a municipal entity.

You can read the full article in the Sacramento Business Journal here.