Jessica Corpuz Defends Beverly Hills Abortion Clinic

Coverage continues for Weintraub litigator Jessica Corpuz on the recent lawsuit filed by her client, DuPont. The DuPont Clinic in Beverly Hills continues its legal dispute with the city and the property owner after the lease for its new facility was rescinded. The lawsuit is ongoing, with motions and court dates still pending.

Jessica is quoted in a May 16, 2024 article by the Beverly Hill Courier covering the case.

“DuPont is very pleased with the results of the hearing on Monday as the court gave us pretty much everything we were asking for,” Jessica Corpuz, attorney for DuPont, told the Courier. “The court ordered the city to reproduce its emails in a more usable format, ordered the city to turn over personal communications with certain city employees, which would include any times the city employee uses private methods of communication for official communications.”

Beverly Hills Courier

In an April 29, 2024 article in Cal Matters Jessica is quoted several times on the ongoing battle.

“The implication is that there is really scary things that are going to happen as a result of DuPont Clinic moving into this building,” she said. “It’s really sad, really scary, to see that all it takes is a couple of anti-abortion protesters going to a city council meeting.”

Cal Matters

Jessica is quoted on October 9, 2023 in the article from LAist on the filed lawsuit.

“Beverly Hills really advertised itself as a place that was safe for abortion care. And Douglas Emmett, the landlord, was fully supportive of this mission,” Corpuz said. “Everyone says these things, but when it came down to actually supporting an abortion clinic, the city tripped over itself instead of supporting this clinic.”


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