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Gary Bradus in The Business Journals: How to Build a Team Culture of Mutual Respect and Appreciation

The Business Journals asked members of the Business Journals Leadership Trust to share their advice for cultivating a culture of gratitude and recognition among all the members of your team.

In the resulting article, published on May 3, 2024, Weintraub shareholder Gary Bradus shared his team-building tip of allowing team members to nominate colleagues for recognition.

“During our quarterly staff meetings, we recognize employees who have gone above and beyond their normal duties. These employees are nominated by other employees in the firm and receive gift cards as a sign of appreciation. It’s a great way to build culture and recognize outstanding work.”

You can read the full article on The Business Journals website here (paywall).

The Briefing: Brandy Melville Doubles Down Against Redbubble

The ongoing dispute between Brandy Melville and Redbubble over trademark and copyright infringement continues. Despite previous setbacks, Brandy Melville has filed a new lawsuit against Redbubble, alleging the sale of counterfeit products and copyright infringement. Scott Hervey and Jamie Lincenberg from Weintraub Tobin explore the history of the dispute, the claims made in the new complaint, and potential legal strategies moving forward.