Webinar: They Manage Your Workforce and They Can Get You Sued: The Importance of Training Managers and Supervisors to Comply with Employment Law

A supervisor’s action (or inaction) is often what results in liability for an employer. Not because the supervisor necessarily intends to expose an employer to legal liability but merely because the supervisor hasn’t been trained regarding the employer’s legal obligations in relation to its employees.

Employers are encouraged to train supervisors on various employment law topics, including but not limited to: harassment, discrimination, and retaliation; privacy rights; disability accommodations;

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Webinar: You May Not See Them, But They’re Still Working: Tips to Help Ensure Your Remote Workers are Still Complying with Employment Laws and Policies

On June 30, 2021,  Ryan Abernethy presented this webinar addressing employment and labor code complications that telecommuting naturally presents and offering tips on how to ensure remote workers still comply with company policies.

Last year, COVID-19 forced many companies to make spur-of-the-moment telecommuting arrangements with their employees. With the end of the pandemic now on the horizon, many of those companies are looking to make telecommuting a more permanent feature of their normal business.

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Virtual Training: Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: Engaging and Effective Training for Non-Supervisors and/or Supervisors

The regulations regarding California’s Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for non-supervisors and supervisors require that employers having five or more employees provide at least two hours of classroom or interactive training and at least one hour of classroom or interactive training and education to nonsupervisory employees within six months of their hire. Training must be provided every two years.

On June 10, 2021, the Labor & Employment Group at Weintraub Tobin presented a two hour effective interactive virtual training session that complied with all the requirements outlined in the regulations including things like:

  • An overview of sexual harassment laws
  • Examples of conduct that constitute sexual harassment
  • Strategies to prevent harassment in the workplace
  • Lawful supervisory responses to complaints of harassment in the workplace
  • Training on prevention of “abusive conduct”

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Webinar - Don’t Rush the Interactive Process: Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of Reasonable Accommodations Under the ADA and FEHA

On June 2, 2021, Weintraub employment attorneys James Kachmar and Meagan Bainbridge presented an overview of the many accommodation laws that employers and HR professionals may have to address, such as who should be accommodated and how to engage in an interactive process to determine an appropriate accommodation, if any.

Most employers know that employees may need to be accommodated from time to time for various reasons under California and/or Federal law.

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Webinar - The Leave Law Matrix Continues to Expand: Understanding Federal, State, and Local Leave Laws and How They Overlap and/or Differ

On May 5, 2021, Weintraub employment attorneys Lizbeth (“Beth”) West and Lukas Clary discussed the complex statutory and regulatory scheme of leave laws under federal and state law. They provided an overview of the laws, explained who is eligible and under what circumstances, and highlighted the particular rights and obligations for both employers and employees.

Administering leaves of absence in California has never been easy.

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Webinar: Every Employer’s Worst Nightmare: Class Action Wage & Hour and PAGA Claims – Learn How to Avoid Them

On April 14, 2021, Shauna Correia and Meagan Bainbridge of Weintraub Tobin’s Labor & Employment Group discussed the PAGA and class action cases that are trending, and provide practical guidance for employers to make adjustments to business practices and communications to reduce the risk of becoming a target.

Summary of Program:
California employers are constantly under scrutiny for compliance with employment laws, and even the most careful and compliant businesses can find their business practices subject to legal challenges.

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Virtual Event - Dealing with Complex FMLA and ADA Issues: A Legal Guide

Identify Patterns of Abuse, Discover Pertinent Case Law, Mitigate Litigation Risks and More

Join Meagan D. Bainbridge for this live webinar virtual event hosted by the National Business Institute (NBI) where FMLA and ADA issues will be discussed.

From leave related to the COVID-19 pandemic to medical marijuana and disability discrimination, this advanced program teaches you how to tackle the top challenges facing HR personnel and attorneys today.

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