WT Deals: Apple to Launch Original Audio Series Podcast about Siegfried & Roy

Apple has made a deal for a podcast series about entertainers Siegfried & Roy with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Leckart and Will Malnati from podcast company At Will Media as executive producers. The series will be launched by Apple TV+ via its podcast platform and marks the first major show on Apple without an immediate television companion.

At Will Media was represented by Oren Rosenbaum at UTA and Weintraub Attorney Shaun Gordon.

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Time to Get Down to Business: Change in Eviction Notice Requirements Now in Effect

by Josh H. Escovedo


By Mark E. Ellinghouse & Josh H. Escovedo


As you may know, late last year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2343, which changes the long-standing notice requirements that apply before a landlord can pursue an unlawful detainer action against a tenant who has violated its lease. The new requirements are now effective, applying to all leases whether for residential or commercial property.

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Have You Complied with Your Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements?

Don’t forget … California law requires that employers with 5 or more employees train their supervisory employees AND their non-supervisory employees on the prevention of harassment by January 1, 2020 (and every 2 years thereafter). In addition, even if your employees were trained in 2018, the law requires they be retrained during 2019.

Not only is training mandated by law, it is the smart thing to do.  A well-trained workforce can help ensure a respectful and productive work environment and reduce an employer’s risk of legal claims. 

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Would Glue Maker’s Trademark Claim Stick Against Pot Strain

by Scott M. Hervey
The IP Law Blog

According to cannabis folklore, cannabis cultivators in 2010, Josey Whales and Lone Watie  created a strain of marijuana that was so sticky, Mr. Whales, during a phone call, commented that the plant made his hands “stick to things like Gorilla Glue.”  From that, Whales and Watie came up with a name of their strain – Gorilla Glue#4.   Since that time, the strain has won numerous competitions and has become extremely popular with consumers.  Whales and Waite formed GG Strains,

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Demystifying the Reasonable Accommodation Process for Disabled Employees


Most employers know that employees may need to be accommodated from time to time for various reasons. Often this is because of an employee’s disability or medical condition. It is important for employers to understand and comply with how the courts and various federal and state regulatory agencies define accommodations, as well as learn what their rights and obligations are regarding: (1) engaging in the interactive process; and (2) providing reasonable accommodations.

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The ABC's of Federal, State, and Local Leave laws (RSVP now closed for in-persons, webinar available)

Summary of Program

The complex web of federal, state, and local leave of absence and accommodation laws continues to expand and California employers must stay abreast of developments in order to comply.   In order to properly administer leaves of absence and disability accommodations in California, employers must have knowledge of the various laws and how they may overlap with one another in a given situation.  This seminar will discuss important topics to help employers understand and administer these laws,

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Holiday Horror Series: Part 2- Hectic Holiday Rollovers

By Irina Rospotnyuk

With the holidays upon us, we all can relate to how easy it is to mistakenly overlook important things amidst the cheery holiday hustle and bustle: leaving the Christmas ham in the oven a few hours too long, forgetting to pick up your in-laws from the airport, or failing to timely rollover your individual retirement account (IRA) within 60 days of distribution.

While it may be difficult to salvage Christmas dinner and the relationship with your in-laws,

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