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Panel Discussion: "How Has Digital Media Changed the Way We Interact With Food"

April 23 2013

Join Us April 23!

Weintraub Tobin and the LAVA Digital Media Group will host a panel discussion: "How Has Digital Media Changed the Way We Interact with Food" on Tuesday, April 23.

Whether it’s finding a place to eat, sharing recommendations on your favorite dishes or ordering food online, investors have been hungry (sorry for the terrible pun) to invest in web and mobile-based food applications and platforms – aka food tech.

Over the last year, almost $350 million has been invested in Food Tech and deal activity to the burgeoning sector grew over 37% vs the prior year.

Panelists include:

"How Has Digital Media Changed the Way We Interact with Food" takes place Tuesday, April 23 at ROC, 604 Arizona Street in Santa Monica. Enjoy a social hour from 6:30-7 p.m. followed by the panel discussion and a Q and A session. Register here.

Follow the event on Twitter: @weintraub_law


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