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Jonathan L. (Jay) Pettit Joins Weintraub

September 11 2019

Weintraub is pleased to announce that Jonathan L. (Jay) Pettit has joined the firm as a Shareholder in the Firm’s Intellectual Property Group.  He will be based in the firm’s San Diego office.

Jay is a USPTO Registered Patent Attorney and prepares patent and trademark applications for clients in the U.S. and globally. He represents clients in various complex IP litigation matters in federal and state courts relating to trademark, patent, trade secret, and copyright issues and handles various disputes at the USPTO including trademark opposition/cancellation proceedings and patent inter partes review (IPR) proceedings. In addition, Jay is skilled in negotiating and drafting commercial, government, and academic contracts, including development agreements, software license agreements, and non-disclosure agreements.

“Jay is a tremendous addition to our Firm and to our growing San Diego office,” said Weintraub Managing Shareholder Gary Bradus. “His unique background and expertise further strengthen our Intellectual Property and Patent practices.”

Jay earned his JD cum laude from the University of San Diego School of Law, an MA in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech, and a BA from UCLA.