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Weintraub's Ryan Abernethy and 2019 Leadership Sacramento Class Unveils Homeless Youth Shelter Renovations

December 23 2019


Wind Youth Services recently unveiled the renovation of the Common Ground Transition Age Youth Shelter which was led by the 2019 Leadership Sacramento class, including Ryan Abernethy. The class gathered at the unveiling in Oak Park, Sacramento.

The shelter is for youth ages 18-24 years old with 20 beds. The Sacramento Leadership class specifically chose a project to help homeless youth in Sacramento to help with the increasing homeless issue in the area. Through donations, corporate philanthropy, and fundraising events, the class completed more than $80,000 worth of renovations and improvements for the shelter.

For more information about the shelter please visit

KTXL-SAC – FOX40 Media Footage

KFBK-AM (Radio) – Sacramento News