WT Win: Vexatious Litigant’s Meritless Lawsuit Quickly Defeated in Zoom Trial

In February and March 2021, Weintraub attorney Zack Thompson won judgment in favor of the Firm’s client in a trial held entirely over the Zoom videoconferencing app, with the superior court judge and all witnesses testifying and sharing exhibits remotely. The court agreed with Zack’s arguments and ruled in favor of our client, the defendant, at the close of the plaintiff’s evidence, without requiring our client to introduce any evidence at all, which saved both time and money.

Earlier in the proceedings, Zack had successfully moved the court to have the plaintiff, who was self-represented, declared a vexatious litigant due to repeated, meritless litigation targeting our client. Such self-represented litigants are typically difficult to deal with because they often have nothing to lose and too much time on their hands. Between the victory at trial and the vexatious litigant declaration, this plaintiff will need to request and obtain permission from the presiding judge or justice before filing another legal action against our client in any California court—a significant hurdle that should protect the client going forward.