Digital media is almost impossible to define because it is changing daily.  What is new today is old tomorrow.

Blink and you could miss then next innovation. A week’s vacation could mean missing the next wave. Make a deal for the acquisition of a new technology, and by the time the transaction is completed a newer, better technology has reached the marketplace. This dynamic environment shapes the ever changing face of digital media, but it is also what makes digital media exciting, engaging and potentially profitable.

The challenges are many, including gaining an understanding of the way creators may make their product available to consumers; understanding the market in which these changing delivery methods operate, and, which methods may be best suited to the product. In addition to the marketplace considerations, navigating the often changing laws and regulations devised to deal with the marketplace is a complex task.

Our Digital Media group provides a full spectrum of legal advice in all areas of the constantly evolving world of digital media. We remain on the cutting edge of the business and legal issues that our clients face daily. We have the capacity to aid our clients from the conception of an idea through its fruition and exploitation. Together with our colleagues who practice in the traditional fields of corporate, tax and litigation as well as our own firm grounding in “traditional” media, we are able to guide our clients through the unknown and the exciting but precarious world of digital media.

Areas of experience include:

  • Video games
  • Digital distribution of film and television, on-line productions and webisodes
  • Software
  • Multi-channel networks
  • Representation of digital media personalities
  • Digital publishing
  • Social networking
  • On-line commerce dealing with media properties
  • Intellectual property
  • Products intended for mobile platforms
  • Music
  • Emerging content delivery systems and future technologies
  • On-line and digital media product integration

Whatever your legal needs in digital media, whether you are an established media corporation or just getting into the game, whether you need assistance with structuring or completing transactions, tax issues or litigation, the lawyers at Weintraub Tobin are here to offer clear, concise, and cutting-edge advice.   From the inception of home video to the technology of tomorrow, we have consistently paved the way for others to follow.