Weintraub Tobin litigates a wide variety of class action matters in diverse industries including restaurants, retail, food processing, and transportation. We have handled numerous federal and state substantive class action claims ranging from wage and hour, product liability and consumer fraud claims to securities, and deceptive trade practices claims.

Our attorneys have achieved dismissal of many class action lawsuits and have prevailed on the issue of class certification in numerous other class action cases. Our class wide settlements have been used as models for industry-wide settlements, and we routinely achieve maximum res judicata protection with minimal payments by our class action clients. We are well-versed on class action discovery issues, and we often serve as coordinating counsel on both state and national levels regarding class action and other mass action litigation.

We are frequently consulted by clients on measures to protect against exposure to class action litigation. To ensure that adequate protections are in place to minimize exposure to litigation, our attorneys are regularly called on to review new company practices and procedures. We are also regularly consulted by clients to identify areas of their business that are susceptible to class action litigation and to assist in resolving any areas of concern.

Our attorneys speak on class action litigation matters across many industries. Weintraub Tobin’s team of attorneys is familiar with the latest case law and other developments in class action litigation. They possess the know-how and experience needed to ensure that our clients receive skillful and timely representation, leading to the best possible outcomes.