Alternative Dispute Resolution “ADR” is slowly becoming a growing field within the legal industry. Individuals and businesses are seeking more efficient ways to resolve their disputes outside of the courtroom.

Why to choose ADR.

  • Avoid the significant expense and delay of litigation;
  • Keep the dispute and the parties’ settlement confidential;
  • Allow the parties to vent and feel they “got their day in court;” and
  • Engage in creative problem solving and adopt solutions that a judge or jury could not, or would not, adopt.
  • Parties feel like they worked together which helps preserve relationships post negotation.

Weintraub Tobin’s experienced Mediators serve as neutral parties to help the two opposing sides work on a lasting and fulling agreement. We have experts who in the following areas:

Trusts & Estates – Mediation and Arbitration
Labor and Employment – Mediation