Webinar: An In-Depth Look at Attorney-Client Privilege

On Tuesday, June 14, The Litigation Section of the Barristers will present a webinar that aims to provide an in-depth look at attorney-client privilege in employment, white collar, and commercial litigation.

Weintraub shareholder Lizbeth (Beth) V. West will speak at the event, alongside Aviva Gilbert of Farella Braun + Martel and Anna McLean of Sheppard Mullin.

Weintraub attorney Jacqueline Simonovich will moderate the discussion, which will cover:

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Jacqueline Simonovich in Law360: Transforming Law Firms' Diversity Intent Into Real Progress

by Jacqueline Simonovich and Lindsey Mignano of Smith Shapourian Mignano PC.

In the summer of 2020, we saw a flurry of diversity and inclusion activity at law firms in response to the murder of George Floyd and the general social unrest in this country at that time. Many firms ostensibly renewed their diversity and inclusion initiatives.

While these renewed commitments were well-intentioned, it was hard not to wonder — would all this talk actually translate into action?

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Webinar: A Conversation with First Generation Attorneys - Advice to my Younger Self

On November 17, The Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Barristers Club of BASF will present A Conversation with First Generation Attorneys – Advice to my Younger Self. Jacqueline Simonovich will serve as the event moderator. The webinar will feature five attorneys at various phases in their careers, from junior associate to experienced in house counsel, who are the first lawyers in their families, as they provide advice to other first-generation attorneys and stories of how they’ve overcome obstacles in their careers.

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Jacqueline Simonovich in San Francisco Attorney Magazine: BASF Book Club Review - The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Delila Harris

Jacqueline Simonovich serves on the Bar Association of San Francisco Barristers Club Diversity and Inclusion Committee and runs the Committee’s Book Club. Jacqueline drafted a review of the Book Club’s most recent book, The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Delila Harris, for the Fall 2021 edition of San Francisco Attorney Magazine.  The article also includes a link to choose the Book Club’s next pick.

Zakiya Delila Harris’ The Other Black Girl,

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