Use of Non-Physician Healthcare Practitioners Expanding in California

by Jeanne L. Vance
The Healthcare Law Blog

I have been in healthcare legal practice since the mid-1990s.  During a summer in law school, I worked for the California Legislative Counsel Bureau, which is the agency that serves as legal counsel to the California legislature.  During my stint there, I recall various healthcare licentiates arguing about whether to expand the practice of non-physicians, with physicians generally asserting that such changes would be detrimental to healthcare quality and the other healthcare licentiates arguing that they provide a quality service at a more reasonable price-point. 

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WT Deals: Signature Healthcare Behavioral Health Hospital

Jeanne Vance assisted with licensing for Signature Healthcare Services as they expanded into the Sacramento region with the Sacramento Behavioral Health Hospital. The 117-bed facility is the first acute psychiatric hospital to be licensed in California in 30 years.

The hospital began accepting patients in December, but it is still adding staff and medical personnel. At full capacity, the facility will have 375-plus employees and providers.

More information can be found in the Sacramento Bee,

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