The Dawn of the “Micro-Unit”: NLRB Upholds Petitioned-For “Micro-Unit” at Macy’s Store as Appropriate

By The Labor and Employment Group

In a recent 3-1 decision in Macy’s Inc., the NLRB used its controversial Specialty Healthcare decision in upholding as appropriate a micro bargaining unit of only 41 employees in the cosmetics and fragrances department of a Boston-area Macy’s store.  The Micro-Unit excludes all other sales employees at the store, despite there being almost 80 other salespersons employed there.  This case is the first NLRB matter that applied the Specialty Healthcare standard to a retail employer.   

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Prop 65 Revisions are Ongoing, Public Meeting on July 30, 2013

This is from OEHHA’s website; the colored comments are ours.

On July 30, 2013, the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) will hold a public pre-regulatory workshop for the purpose of gathering input from interested parties on the content of a regulation that would address Proposition 65 warnings. Such a regulation, if formally proposed and adopted, would either supplement or replace existing OEHHA regulations governing Proposition 65 warnings and conform to any statutory changes if enacted.

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Online Retailer Not Liable for Libelous User Posts

In a recent case from the Eastern District of Missouri, Cornelius v. DeLuca (E.D. Aug. 18, 2009), the district court addressed whether a fitness website and online retailer was liable for negative comments and reviews posted by users concerning plaintiffs’ dietary supplements. In Cornelius, plaintiffs Cornelius and Syntrax Innovations, Inc. alleged that its competitors were posting on defendants’ website “libelous statements” about the plaintiff and had “tortuously interfered with plaintiffs’ business expectancies.” Further,

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