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Weintraub Tobin and Jessica Marlow Recognized in Sacramento Bee’s “Sacramento’s ‘hometown heroes’ learn to navigate global fame”

September 21 2015

Weintraub Tobin and Jessica Marlow were recognized in Sacramento Bee’s “Sacramento’s ‘hometown heroes’ learn to navigate global fame” for its and her pro bono work for Sacramento’s hometown heroes.

“…After his office was flooded with requests for tributes, interviews or appearances featuring the local heroes, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson reached out to a renowned public affairs consultant and a major California law firm to help the trio face what was coming.

“Aaron McLear, founding partner of Redwood Pacific Public Affairs in Sacramento and a former press secretary for former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, took on the assignment pro bono. So did the law firm of Weintraub Tobin, which has offices in Sacramento, San Francisco and other California cities.

“When ABC’s Dancing with the Stars came calling for Skarlatos, Weintraub Tobin made available its Beverly Hills entertainment lawyer, Jessica Marlow, to handle the contract negotiations in time for him to learn dance steps for his appearance on the show’s season opener last week…”

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