Trusts & Estates Mediation

Mediation can be an alternative to traditional litigation for people seeking to resolve a trust and estates dispute. Going to court to resolve conflicts over trusts, conservatorships, and wills can be stressful and expensive and can strain family relationships. Mediation can provide a process for parties to work through their differences in a private and efficient manner, often preserving relationships post-negotiation.

Mediators serve as neutral third parties to help the two opposing sides work toward a lasting and fulfilling agreement. The benefits of Trusts and Estates mediation include:

  • Avoiding the significant expense and delay of litigation;
  • Keeping the dispute and the parties’ settlement confidential;
  • Allowing the parties to vent and feel “heard;” and
  • Engaging in creative problem solving and adopting solutions that a judge or jury could not, or would not, adopt.

Weintraub’s experienced trust, estates, and probate attorneys are skilled mediators and can help families choose the process most suited to their individual case, providing the best path to a satisfactory agreement.

Ed Corey has mediated and/or arbitrated more than 400 disputes and has a near-perfect success rate in the cases where he has served as mediator. Ed has also litigated trusts and estates matters throughout Northern California for more than 30 years. He is involved in drafting and testifying on significant legislation in the areas of estates and trusts, conservatorships, and elder financial abuse. Ed is one of the foremost experts in trust and estate litigation and elder abuse and is a Fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel.