Government Employment Compliance Audits

The California workplace is highly regulated under federal and state law and a misstep in the area of regulatory compliance can be costly. Employers face significant challenges complying with frequent legal developments affecting the workforce and often they find themselves subjected to employment audits and investigations by government agencies. Because these audits and investigations often come without warning, they can be very disruptive to the workplace and an unprepared employer can face fines and penalties for non-compliance with the law. The Labor and Employment attorneys at Weintraub Tobin have years of experience assisting employers in government audits and investigations. We assist clients with legal and regulatory compliance by conducting internal self-audits to help clients comply with applicable law. We also represent clients during audits and investigations by government agencies and are by their side from the first day through the final resolution of the audit or investigation.

Our team has extensive experience assisting clients in the following types of government audits and investigations:

  • CRD/EEOC investigations in harassment, discrimination, and retaliation;
  • EDD audits regarding classification of independent contractors;
  • DLSE audits of wage and hour practices and retaliation claims;
  • DOL audits into wage and hour practices;
  • DIR audits of workers’ compensation coverage;
  • OSHA/CalOSHA audits into workplace health and safety practices and retaliation claims;
  • ICE audits into Form I-9 compliance;
  • OFCCP audits into affirmative action plans.