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L&E Seminar: The Risk of Retaliation Claims – It’s More Than You Think! The Various Statutes Protecting Employees

Like other employment claims in recent times, we are seeing more retaliation and “whistleblower” claims against California employers. Employers need to know what to listen for or they can find themselves accused of retaliating against a “whistleblower.” Lukas Clary, Meagan Bainbridge and Jacqueline Simonovich of Weintraub Tobin’s Labor and Employment…

  • When: Apr 12, 2023 09:30 am PDT – 11:30 am PDT
  • Where: 400 Capitol Mall, 11th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814


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California Employment News: Understanding the Basics of Employee Personnel Files

Employee personnel files are an important aspect of any employer’s records. Meagan Bainbridge and Nikki Mahmoudi review the basics of employee personnel files, including what should and should not be included and handling inspection requests, in this episode of California Employment News. Listen to this podcast episode here. Watch this episode on the Weintraub YouTube…

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