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2023 Business Focus Seminar: Transitioning Your Business in a Volatile Economy

On September 26th, join legal and financial experts from Weintraub Tobin, BFBA, Umpqua Bank, and CVF Capital Partners along with a panel of entrepreneurs/CEOs, as they discuss the challenges and solutions for small to medium-sized businesses entering transactions in today’s volatile economy. Weintraub Tobin shareholder Chris Chediak and Brian Hoblit…

  • When: Sep 26, 2023
  • Where: Sacramento State Alumni Center


Award-Winning AI Art Not Copyrightable

Last year, Jason M. Allen won first place at the Colorado State Fair (the “Competition”) for the two-dimensional artwork entitled Théâtre D’opéra Spatial (the “Work”), which he produced with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). Despite receiving this accolade and Allen’s arguments that he contributed significant creative elements to the…

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California Employment News: The Employment Start-Up Kit for Start-Ups – Part 1

There are many common employment issues that start-ups might face. Weintraub attorneys Meagan Bainbridge and Ryan Abernethy help review these issues in a two-part series for California Employment News. Join them in part one, which covers independent contractor classification and employment exemptions. Listen to this podcast episode here. Watch this episode on the Weintraub YouTube channel…

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