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Weintraub Tobin is an innovative provider of sophisticated legal services to dynamic businesses and business owners, individuals, emerging companies, and nonprofits. From offices in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco, more than 80 attorneys assist clients with business and litigation needs.


WT Clients: Josh Escovedo And Darrin Menezes Resolve 6-Figure Dispute Between Multi-National Companies

Weintraub Attorneys Josh Escovedo and Darrin Menezes recently represented a multi-national Israeli corporation against a San Francisco-based subsidiary of a multi-national Czech conglomerate and obtained a substantial six-figure settlement immediately after filing the complaint despite the existence of a limitation of liability provision. Josh is an experienced trial attorney and a member of the Firm’s litigation,

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WT Deals: Jennifer Fox to Write and Direct Film Adaptation for “The Other Dr. Gilmore”

Tara Sattler negotiated the rights for Emmy nominated director Jennifer Fox to write and direct the film adaptation for The Other Dr. Gilmore. The story includes important social issues that are relevant to today such as universal healthcare, mental health care, and how lack of these resources can contribute to mass incarceration.

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Webinar – Reasonably Approaching Reasonable Accommodations: Don’t Make it Harder Than it Already Is

Summary:  Most employers know that employees may need to be accommodated from time to time for various reasons under California and/or Federal law. It is important for employers to understand these laws and comply with how the courts and various federal and state regulatory agencies interpret them, as well as learn what their rights and obligations are regarding: (1) engaging in the interactive process;

  • When:Thursday, July 16, 2020
  • Where:Webinar

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The PTAB Requires Settlement and Collateral Agreements to Terminate IPRs

by Jo Dale Carothers, Ph.D.
The IP Law Blog

Following the America Invents Act, a petition for inter partes review (“IPR”) has become a common method for challenging the validity of a patent before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). 

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Frustration of Purpose: How Two WWII-era Cases Provide Guidance Regarding Lease Enforcement During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Unlike the Great Recession in 2008, landlords and tenants responding to the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 health crisis appear to be focusing more on rent relief as opposed to strict interpretation and enforcement.  Both sides seem to acknowledge that this downturn is driven by external,

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Practice Spotlight: Real Estate

Weintraub Tobin has played a critical role in the growth and development of the greater Sacramento Region and communities throughout the state, representing clients in many of the largest and most complex real estate transactions and related financing structures to date.

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About us: Meritas Legal Network

Membership in Meritas allows our firm to provide clients with high-level, vetted legal expertise across the country and around the world.

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