Nonprofit and Religious Organizations

Nonprofit and religious organizations make up a significant sector of the American economy, with a combined revenue of 2.67 trillion U.S. dollars. In California alone, nonprofits employ more than a million people. These organizations have unique sets of legal needs and challenges, and Weintraub Tobin has decades of experience assisting clients in these matters.

Weintraub represents religious and secular colleges and universities, churches and synagogues, healthcare and social service agencies, educational institutions such as charter schools, and other community organizations. Weintraub attorneys have long-term nonprofit and religious organization clients and understand the intricacies involved when such organizations face governance, operational, employment, litigation, real estate, corporate, and tax issues. Our attorneys provide counseling, transactional, litigation, and dispute resolution services including the purchase and sale of real estate, corporate governance, insurance coverage, and litigation support to a broad array of religious organizations, whether hierarchical- or community-based, as well as local, regional, and national nonprofits.

Weintraub attorneys have written and spoken on current issues facing these organizations, ranging from the ministerial exception to Title VII, to organizational disputes, and institutional liability. Our attorneys have pursued and received over $500 million in insurance coverage for insured misconduct claims. We have successfully defended an attack on the leadership team of a community-based church. We have successfully defended the State of California’s attack on a charter school, threatening to close the school and cease its operation. In addition, our attorneys serve as general counsel to a number of high schools and colleges.

From highly specialized issues to day-to-day concerns, Weintraub attorneys bring knowledge, understanding, and sensitivity to all matters. Our attorneys understand the business needs of nonprofits and religious organizations today and can help navigate the demands of the future.