Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, is a way for individuals and businesses to resolve a conflict, dispute, or claim outside of the courtroom. The two primary forms of ADR are arbitration and mediation. The arbitration process is decided by an arbitrator who hears evidence and makes a decision, whereas mediation is a process of negotiation managed by a neutral mediator. Dispute resolution processes can be used to resolve any type of dispute including business, family, employment, real estate, consumer, and environmental disputes.

The benefits of ADR include:

  • Avoiding the significant expense and delay of litigation;
  • Keeping the dispute and the parties’ settlement confidential;
  • Allowing the parties to vent and “have their say;” and
  • Engaging in creative problem solving and adopting solutions that a judge or jury could not, or would not, adopt.

Mediators serve as neutral third parties to help the two opposing sides work toward a lasting and fulfilling agreement. Weintraub’s experienced ADR attorneys excel at helping parties resolve their disputes in a less adversarial setting without a judge or jury.

Business Dispute Mediation, Arbitration, and Judicial Reference

Weintraub litigators handle complex business litigation for some of the region’s largest and most successful companies.  However, when a better outcome can be achieved through alternative dispute resolution, Weintraub attorneys work with clients to determine which ADR mechanism will be most appropriate, advising them on cost, efficiency, and goals.  Weintraub arbitrators and mediators have handled a wide variety of ADR, including court-ordered, private, federal, cross-jurisdictional, and international matters.

Weintraub attorneys also assist clients who choose to pursue a judicial reference, where their case is handled privately. The parties still maintain their right to appeal and the process is often quicker than the court system. Our attorneys have significant experience in handling judicial reference cases and can effectively and efficiently guide clients through each step of this unique process.