Ask the Experts: No Easy Answers on Refinancing Mom’s House

How do six siblings refinance Mom’s house?

This week, “Ask the Experts” tackles this financial topic. The answers are from Sacramento estate planning attorney Kay Brooks, one of’s online contributors.

Q: Several years before my mother passed away in 2010, she added her six kids to the deed on her house. The oldest sibling is executor, and I am secondary. The first loan is in (Mom’s) name only. She is on the second deed, as well as myself. One sibling lives in the house and would like to refinance both loans, but her name is not on them. Does she need permission from all of us to refinance? The bank can’t seem to give us an answer.

Also, what is the difference between a “trustee” and “executor”? Is being the executor the same as having power of attorney?

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