Client News: Diane Lane to Star as Hillary Clinton in four-part NBC mini-series

Weintraub Tobin client Diane Lane has a number of upcoming projects worth noting.

Diane will star as Hillary Clinton in a four event series/miniseries called “Hillary.” Oscar nominee Courtney Hunt will script the project that would “recount Clinton’s life as a wife, mother, politician and cabinet member from 1998 to the present.” NBC hopes to broadcast the series before any possible formal declaration that she was running.

Diane will also reprise her role as Superman’s surrogate mother in the sequel to “Man of Steel” which was announced at last month’s Comic-Con. The sequel will combine Superman and Batman. Returning stars also include Henry Cavill, Laurence Fishbourne and Amy Adams.

Diane was nominated for an Academy Award for her leading role in the film “Unfaithful.”

For more information on “Hillary,” read the New York Times article: “NBC Announces Mini-Series on Hillary Clinton.”

For more information on the sequel to “Man of Steel,” visit Coming