SAHRA Annual Conference: To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Social Media and Employee Privacy Rights

Employers are now faced with a variety of issues stemming from employees’ social media participation, such as: unproductive use of time during workers hours, making statements that may violate the company’s harassment/discrimination policies, and sharing confidential/proprietary information.

Employers are often left asking: Just how far into the Internet do my rights go? And how far into my business do my employees’ privacy rights go under California law? Recently the National Labor Relations Board has also let employers know not to forget about the NLRA and its interpretation of social media as a way for employees to engage in collective action.

Through this presentation session, HR professionals will learn effective strategies for the design, implementation, and enforcement of social media policies in the workplace. Presentation topics will answer these questions:

• What should a workplace social media policy do and say?

• Are employees’ social media interactions private?

• Are employees’ social media interaction protected by the National Labor Relations Act?

• How do you enforce a workplace social media policy?

Please make sure to bring your best workplace tweets/Facebook posts to discuss!

2013 Annual Sacramento Area Human Resource Association (SAHRA) Conference


August 22, 2013

Time of Speaking Engagement:

2:15 – 3:15 p.m.


1400 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

To register, visit the SAHRA website.