Weintraub Tobin Shareholder Scott Hervey to speak at VidCon US 2018

Topic will be – A Creator’s Guide to Fair Use and Rights Management

In the ever-changing landscape of digital content, knowing how to navigate the legalities of using video or music you don’t own is tough. Experts Scott Hervey (Weintraub|Tobin) and Rian Bosak (SuperBam!) will walk you through fair use, parody, and what it looks like for rights managers in the field so you’re prepared to make great content within the bounds of the law. Attend this session to better understand fair use from the creator’s perspective!

For more info, please visit the Vidcon US 2018 here: http://https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/vidcon/en/vidcon-us-2018/schedule/10327/A+Creator%E2%80%99s+Guide+to+Fair+Use+and+Rights+Management