Sacramento Business Journal: Karen Wilhelmi a 2021 CFO of the Year Honoree

In this June 16, 2021 article Sam Boykin, managing editor of the Sacramento Business Journal, interviews Weintraub CFO Karen Wilhelmi, a 2021 CFO of the Year honoree.

When asked What challenges have you or your company faced in the past year or two, and how did you respond to them, she responded:

COVID is at the forefront. A big challenge was how to get 130‐135 employees productively working from home in about a 24‐48 hours notice. This took a team response to make it happen in terms of technology, HR and accounting. Specifically, to still get the bills out and money coming in timely and accurately as if everyone was in the office (required) me to act in many different roles.

You can read the full article on the SBJ website, here.  (Paywall may apply)