Webinar: You May Not See Them, But They’re Still Working: Tips to Help Ensure Your Remote Workers are Still Complying with Employment Laws and Policies

  • When: Jun 30, 2021
  • Where: Webinar

On June 30, 2021,  Ryan Abernethy presented this webinar addressing employment and labor code complications that telecommuting naturally presents and offering tips on how to ensure remote workers still comply with company policies.

Last year, COVID-19 forced many companies to make spur-of-the-moment telecommuting arrangements with their employees. With the end of the pandemic now on the horizon, many of those companies are looking to make telecommuting a more permanent feature of their normal business.

Program Highlights

Some of the topics to be addressed include:

  • Tips to accurately track employee work time
  • Meal and rest breaks—providing and recording them, and premium payments
  • Business expense reimbursements—what must the company pay for?
  • Ergonomic issues
  • Workers compensation considerations
  • Written telecommuting policies for exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Other ways to verify employee compliance remotely

 You can view a recording of this webinar on the Weintraub Tobin YouTube page. Please note that this webinar is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. We recommend that you speak to your professional advisors about the specifics of your business.