The Briefing by the IP Law Blog – Andy Warhol’s Prince Prints: Not Fair Use!? (Part Two)

This week, Scott and Josh discuss the possible impact of the Supreme Court fair use decision in Google LLC v Oracle America, Inc., including the Andy Warhol Foundation’s petition to the Second Circuit for review of the Goldsmith decision. They provide a recap of last week’s episode, which covers the Second Circuit decision in favor of Goldsmith, the photographer whose image Warhol used to create the Prince Portraits, and the holding that Warhol’s renditions were not transformative enough to be fair use. That decision overturned a lower court decision in favor of the Warhol Foundation.

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Production Note: This episode includes a discussion of the high-profile litigation between the artist Shepard Fairey and the Associated Press over Fairey’s iconic “Hope” poster of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama. Throughout the episode, Scott and Josh mispronounce Fairey’s last name as “Farley.”  They offer apologies to viewers and to the artist.