Webinar: Business Focus – How Could The Massive $9.6 Trillion of Federal Stimulus Impact Your Business?

  • When: Oct 14, 2021

On October 14, Weintraub attorneys Christopher Chediak and Jim Clarke partnered with  CVF Capital PartnersBFBA, and JPMorgan Chase to present an informational webinar discussing how the massive influx of federal stimulus may impact businesses, included tax changes, inflation, labor pressures, and preparing to buy or sell a business.


  • Chris Chediak, Weintraub Tobin
  • Jim Clarke, Weintraub Tobin
  • Ben Brown, BFBA
  • Duffy Segale, JPMorgan Chase
  • James Yasso, JPMorgan Chase
  • Jose Blanco, CVF Partners
  • Moderated by: Brian Hoblit, CVF Partners