Webinar: Can You Hear the Whistle Blowing? What to Know About Protections Against Retaliation in the Workplace And How to Prevent “Whistleblower” Claims

  • When: Nov 3, 2021
  • Where: Webinar

Like other employment claims in recent times, we are seeing more retaliation and “whistleblower” claims against California employers. Employers need to know what to listen for or they can find themselves accused of retaliating against a “whistleblower.”

James Kachmar of Weintraub Tobin’s Labor and Employment Group presented a very important training session on November 3, that aimed to help business owners, human resource professionals, and managers understand the ins-and-outs of retaliation, whistleblowing, and wrongful termination claims.

Program Highlights

  • Who can be a “whistleblower” and under what law(s)?
  • What type of conduct can constitute “retaliation” and under what law(s)?
  • What constitutes “wrongful termination” and/or “constructive termination”?
  • Can an “at-will” employee be retaliated against and/or wrongfully terminated?
  • What proactive measures can employers take to avoid claims of retaliation, whistleblowing, and/or wrongful termination, including effective policies, training, and documentation?
  • Whistleblower claims in the time of COVID-19