Brendan J. Begley in Northern California Record: California Appeals Court Decision Upholding Prop 22 Improves Lives of Cal Gig Workers, Consumers

In a March 31st interview with the Northern California Record, Sarah Downey spoke with Weintraub Shareholder Brendan J. Begley about a recent court decision to uphold Proposition 22.

In Castellanos v. State of California, the state’s court of appeals ruled in favor of gig workers, such as Uber and Lyft drivers, allowing them to work as independent contractors rather than direct employees.

Mr. Begley shared his thoughts on the survivability of this law in the event that the California Supreme Court does not grant review of it.

“I expect that will remain true long-term, unless the Legislature amends any of the laws covered by Prop 22 or the voters pass another initiative related to it,” Begley said. “If either of those things happens, I would predict that another court battle is likely.”

You can read the full interview on Northern California Record’s website, here.