Attorney Positions

Weintraub Tobin is an innovative provider of sophisticated legal services to dynamic businesses and business owners, individuals, emerging companies, and nonprofits. From locations in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, more than 70 attorneys assist clients throughout California with business and litigation needs, including corporate law, finance and tax law, labor and employment, real estate, intellectual property, entertainment, and digital media. We maintain our leadership position by creating a value-added, trust-based relationship with our clients, supporting our local communities, and developing deep subject-matter expertise.  We offer a supportive and collegial environment where individual contributions are recognized and celebrated, and hard work is balanced with personal fulfillment and responsibilities.

We believe in succeeding as a law firm while maintaining a high quality of life for our employees. Through reasonable workload expectations, our associates have the opportunity to produce excellent work for our clients while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.


1. Do you rotate associates from one practice area to another?

No. We assign associates to one practice area depending on their background and previous work experience. We believe that it is beneficial to new associates to thoroughly learn one area and develop a mentor relationship with senior attorneys.

2. Do you have an in-house library?

Yes. Our Firm has an extensive on-site library. Our library contains up-to-date resources containing substantive legal and business information, including Lexis Nexis, to assist our attorneys in determining their clients’ best course of action.

3. Do you perform pro-bono services?

Yes. Our attorneys are committed to our community and show that commitment through the donation of their time and talent.

4. What is your billable hour requirement for associates?

We require 150 billable hours per month for a total of 1800 billable hours a year.

5. What is the shareholder track?

We have a two-tier seven-year (minimum) shareholder track which includes Income Shareholder and Equity Shareholder tiers.  When hiring associates, we strive to select those whom we believe have the potential to become our future Shareholders.

6. What percentage of shareholders are women?

In the year 2010, women accounted for 20 percent of the Shareholders. As of 2019, women account for 25 percent of the Shareholders.

7. How will my performance be evaluated?

Associates are evaluated annually in quarter one by the Shareholders and Senior Attorneys for whom they have done a substantial amount of work over the prior 12 months.  Associates are evaluated in several core competencies including, but not limited to, written and oral communication, research and analytical abilities, client management, client relations and business development. Cash receipts and billable hours are also factors in the overall review process.

8. What are some of the Firm’s social activities?

We believe people who enjoy working together work well together and ultimately share the same mission to make the Firm a profitable and happy and healthy workplace.  Therefore, the Firm fosters a culture in which activities are organized throughout the year Firmwide and in each local office for members of the Firm to socialize outside of the normal business environment. This includes celebrating professional and personal milestones, catering breakfasts and lunches, and impromptu afternoon gatherings throughout the year.  Each office also hosts an annual holiday party in December, as well as various organized events at other times of the year.

9. Does the firm offer a health and wellness program?

Yes. We offer a health and wellness program as we believe strongly in a work/life balance for everyone here at the firm. Currently, our Firm provides all its employees with a monthly wellness allowance, which can be applied to a gym membership, personal trainer and/or group exercise classes.