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Weintraub Tobin Shareholder Lukas Clary to speak at California Restaurant Association's Sacramento Chapter June Educational Seminar

June 22 2018

Webinar ” Let’s Talk About Wage & Pay in the Restaurant Industry”.

Topics include: Wage & Pay Dependency, Tip Pooling, Service Charges, Surcharge and Minimum Wage

Tuesday, June 26th – Sacramento
Wednesday, June 27th – Roseville

For more information, please see below or visit the California Restaurant Association event page here:

Sacramento Chapter: Educational Seminar
Let’s Talk About
• Wage & Pay Dependency
• Tip Pooling
• Service Charges
• Surcharge
• Minimum Wage
Come join the CRA Sacramento Chapter for an educational seminar and discussion on wage with one of our industry legal experts, Lukas Clary with Weintraub Tobin.
• 9:00 AM Doors Open
• 9:30 AM Event Begins
• 10:30 AM Open Q & A
Breakfast beverages and small bites provided.
This event is complimentary for CRA members and $15 per person for non-members. For more information, please contact Liz Lorand at [email protected] or 916.431.2753.
Not a member of the CRA? Contact Ashley Rowe at [email protected] or 916.431.2731 to get involved!