Ask the Experts: How do I leave overseas property to heirs?

This week, Sacramento estate planning attorney Kay Brooks answers readers questions in the Sacramento Bee column “Ask the Experts.”

Q: I have a common situation, but with an interesting twist. I am 87, have enough money to live on but am not rich (about $300,000 or so), and get Social Security. I live in California with my granddaughter, but I also have a house in Croatia where I visit part of each year. I have a Totten trust on most of my funds and so if not for the house in Croatia I don’t think I’d even need a probate. How do I pass on my house in Croatia? Do I need a will here or a will in Croatia? Can I set up a trust in California? Is this something that I need a lawyer for in California, in Croatia, or both? Thanks for your help. – Tom; Sacramento, CA

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