Internal Workplace Investigations; A Practical Guide to Employee Internal Investigation Legal Issues

  • When: Feb 4, 2020
  • Where: Teleconference

On Tuesday, February 4, Weintraub attorney Shauna N. Correia will speak at a National Business Institute (NBI) seminar titled A Practical Guide to Employee Internal Investigation Legal Issues.

Program Description:
Internal investigations of employee misconduct are useful tools – but they must be conducted the right way in order to provide proper legal protections. In this essential legal overview of conducting employee internal investigations, our experienced attorney faculty will show you how to conduct airtight investigations that protect employers and get results. Ensure internal investigations preserve attorney-client privilege and minimize the chances of future lawsuits – register today!

  • Ensure attorney-client privilege and the work-product doctrine are preserved while conducting internal investigations.
  • Create legally defensible paper trails that fully document the rationale behind termination decisions.
  • Strategically use the results of internal investigation in discovery, depositions and other litigation procedures.

Date: Tuesday, February 4
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
To register
visit the NBI registration page.

Course Content:

  • How the Investigation Process Works: A Brief Overview
  • Preserving Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work-Product Doctrine
  • Conducting Investigations: Interviewing Key Parties
  • Leaving Paper Trails That Document Actions and Reduce Liabilities
  • Creating Investigation Final Reports
  • Top Investigation Errors Plaintiff Attorneys Exploit
  • Using Investigation Results for Discipline and Termination: Avoiding Future Issues
  • How to Use Investigation Materials in Litigation

To learn more, please visit NBI Seminar: A Practical Guide to Employee Internal Investigation Legal Issues