Virtual Training: Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: Engaging and Effective Training for Non-Supervisors and/or Supervisors

  • When: Jun 10, 2021
  • Where: Virtual Training

The regulations regarding California’s Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for non-supervisors and supervisors require that employers having five or more employees provide at least two hours of classroom or interactive training and at least one hour of classroom or interactive training and education to nonsupervisory employees within six months of their hire. Training must be provided every two years.

On June 10, 2021, the Labor & Employment Group at Weintraub Tobin presented a two hour effective interactive virtual training session that complied with all the requirements outlined in the regulations including things like:

  • An overview of sexual harassment laws
  • Examples of conduct that constitute sexual harassment
  • Strategies to prevent harassment in the workplace
  • Lawful supervisory responses to complaints of harassment in the workplace
  • Training on prevention of “abusive conduct” in the workplace
  • Training on policies that prohibit harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation (Senate Bill 396)
  • Practical and inter-active hypotheticals and examples to help illustrate what bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation can look like.

If you are an employer with 5 or more employees and have supervisors and nonsupervisory employees who have not yet been trained, you can plan for them to attend the next training on December 2, 2021, or contact us about a custom training for your workforce.