Sacramento Business Journal: New Additions Grow Weintraub Tobin’s Real Estate Practice Group

In an August 26, 2022, article for the Sacramento Business Journal,  Ben van der Meer writes about Weintraub Tobin’s recent additions to its real estate practice group.

Alison Geddes and Dave Creeggan joined the team during one of the busiest real estate markets the Firm has ever experienced.

The pandemic has changed the real estate landscape in many ways. After the moratorium on commercial evictions lifted, Geddes says she did not see a flood of evictions as anticipated. “Overwhelmingly, landlords and tenants are trying to work together and be more collaborative,” she said, adding, “the problem is the courts are moving slower, so it’s harder to complete evictions when they happen.”

Creegan says the play for investment properties and rentals is also bouncing back. “The prospect of filling space two years ago was daunting, and now it’s not.” He explained.

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