Webinar: 10 Things You Should Be Doing Before the Employment Relationship Ends

  • When: Sep 21, 2022
  • Where: Webinar

The last thing on most employers’ minds when hiring a new employee is how that employment will eventually end. However, research shows that most individuals average more than 10 jobs during their working life. As such, most employment relationships do eventually end – whether voluntarily or not.

On September 21, 2022, James Kachmar and Meagan Bainbridge of Weintraub Tobin’s Labor & Employment Group hosted a webinar discussing applicable laws and best practices to help business owners, human resource professionals, and managers reduce the risk of liability when the employment eventually ends.

Program Highlights

  • Properly documenting the beginning of the employment – from job postings to hiring documents.
  • Having effective and lawful policies in place and documenting the provision of those policies to employees.
  • Tips for effective communication and conflict resolution.
  • Best practices for a fair and meaningful disciplinary process.
  • The benefits of training supervisors and the risks if you don’t.
  • The risk of employer liability for retaliation.
  • Assessing the risk of involuntary terminations
  • Documenting the end of the employment relationship
  • Wrongful termination claims stemming from at-will employment
  • Post-employment tips and tricks