Celebrating Pride Month: Weintraub Tobin’s Mission for Inclusion

At Weintraub Tobin, we firmly believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. Creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome, respected, and celebrated for their unique identities and perspectives is vital for driving innovation and fostering success. In line with these values, we are committed to supporting and celebrating our LGBTQ+ employees, clients, and community.  

Our comprehensive non-discrimination policy includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression as protected categories. We ensure that all our policies and practices, including recruitment, hiring, promotion, and benefits, are free from any form of discrimination. Our commitment to equality ensures that LGBTQ+ individuals have the opportunity to thrive and succeed within our organization.

Education and awareness are recognized for their importance in creating an inclusive workplace culture. We hold training sessions for employees and clients in supervisor and non-supervisor roles. These programs are designed to show businesses how to create safe and inclusive workspaces, and foster an environment where everyone feels supported.

Weintraub Tobin values diversity as a fundamental strength and a key element of success. We are proud to create a workplace that supports and celebrates our LGBTQ+ employees and clients. Through our non-discrimination policies, training programs, and external engagement, we strive to foster a truly diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive. We remain committed to continuously learning how to improve and evolve our practices to ensure that our business reflects the diversity of the world we live in and that every individual feels valued, supported, and respected.