Josiah Prendergast Defends Local Brewery in Legal Dispute

In an August 21, 2023, article for ABC10 covering the brewing feud between local breweries Shred Beer Company and Slice Beer Company, Weintraub litigator Josiah Prendergast, who represents Shred Beer Company, gave a statement speaking to Shred Beer’s feelings about the lawsuit and affirming their commitment to creating a quality product throughout the course of the legal process.

“Zack and Amy are obviously disappointed in Slice’s reaction to Zack’s desire to partner with Amy on their own project… Zack is going to hold Slice to its commitment to repurchase his shares, but is focused on turning out great beers while the legal process plays out.”

– Josiah Prendergast

The two parties have served and answered all claims and counterclaims. They are currently set to have a discussion about discovery this month.

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Posted August 15, 2023 | Josiah Prendergast in the Sacramento Business Journal:

In an August 14th article for the Sacramento Business Journal, Jake Abbott writes about a legal battle between two local breweries, Slice Beer Co. and Shred Beer Co. Slice Beer filed a lawsuit against Zack Frasher, their former brewmaster, and his co-founder Amy Heller after he left to start his own brewery, Shred Beer Co. The lawsuit claims he misappropriated trade secrets, particularly the processes used to make the brewery’s beers—a claim that ignores the fact that Zack was Slice’s founding brewmaster, responsible for providing the expertise Slice needed to open and operate. In essence, the lawsuit is an attempt to prevent Zack Frasher from continuing to use the skills, creativity, and expertise that he independently developed and brought to Slice.

Weintraub senior attorney Josiah Prendergast, who represents Zack, Amy, and Shred Beer Co., denies the allegations described in the lawsuit.

“I don’t think it was filed with good thought put into it. It seems to be that it was an emotional response rather than logical,” Prendergast said. “If they would’ve taken the time to talk to Zack and understand the circumstances around him leaving, I’d like to think the lawsuit wouldn’t have been filed.”

Shred Beer and its operators have since filed counterclaims, including breach of contract, defamation, and unfair business practices. Specifically, Slice agreed to buy back Zack Frasher’s 20% stock at a set price and on a set date, then reneged on that agreement. The counterclaims also allege Slice and its CEO false statements to third parties to dissuade them from supporting Zack, Amy, and their new venture.

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