2023 Business Focus Seminar: Transitioning Your Business in a Volatile Economy

  • When: Sep 26, 2023
  • Where: Sacramento State Alumni Center

On September 26th, legal and financial experts from Weintraub Tobin, BFBA, Umpqua Bank, and CVF Capital Partners and a panel of entrepreneurs/CEOs, discussed the challenges and solutions for small to medium-sized businesses entering transactions in today’s volatile economy.

Weintraub Tobin shareholder Chris Chediak and Brian Hoblit from CVF Capital Partners moderated the event. Weintraub shareholder Jim Clarke presented, as will Jose Blanco of CVF Capital Partners, Ben Brown of BFBA, and Dennis Raymond of Umpqua Bank.

The entrepreneur/CEO panel featured Julie Pulos, co-founder and President of Retech, Kelly Solomon, co-founder and CEO of Signature Coast Landscape, and Eric Johnson, Director of Corporate Development at Meriplex.