Alexa Horner in The Davis Vanguard: Jury Acquits Unhoused Man Who Defended Himself in Street Attack

In a November 14 article, The Davis Vanguard staff writes about the acquittal of an unhoused man who spent more than 500 days behind bars following an altercation with a pedestrian.

Weintraub attorney Alexa Horner, who worked as one of the public defenders on the case, says surveillance footage from that night proves the man did not initiate the altercation and was instead being harassed and threatened repeatedly by a group of pedestrians.

“Sutton told them to leave him alone and walked away. The group continued to follow Sutton and threaten him while he repeatedly asked them to leave him alone,” and later, “the pedestrian returns and wakes (Sutton) up…saying that he wanted to fight. The man continued to move closer before Sutton hit him several times in quick succession in self-defense.”

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