WT Deals: Two Wild Bill Series In The Works from Treefort Media and Village Roadshow

Village Roadshow Television is developing a scripted series and a two-part docuseries centered around the notorious convicted serial killer William Dathan Holbert, also known as “Wild Bill,” presently serving a 47-year sentence for the murders of at least five American expatriates.

Executives from Village Roadshow Entertainment Group and Treefort Media will oversee the development and production of the scripted series and docuseries. The projects highlight the convergence of true crime storytelling across different media platforms. The joint venture podcast, “Natural Selection: Scott vs. Wild Bill” was featured at SXSW’s panel titled “Turning Podcast IP into TV” on March 10.

Treefort Media is represented by Weintraub Shareholder Shaun Gordon.

Read more about this project on Variety here.