A community’s character is revealed in its public amenities, its atmosphere of innovation, the depth and breadth of its generosity. Without fanfare, business leaders have long shared the dividends of their prosperity. We applaud this ethic. Public endowment is not just an afterthought at Weintraub Tobin. It is our commitment.


Each of us should attempt to improve the world we live in. This means investing time, talent and monetary assistance to meaningful community programs. We here at Weintraub Tobin have established a long-standing commitment to our community. We assess the performance of each member of our firm not just by what they accomplish for our clients, but also by what they contribute to society. We view our contribution as part of our responsibility to the enrichment of our region. Our reward is one that we all share, a better future.

Our attorneys and staff serve on charitable boards and are members, volunteers, and supporters of numerous community organizations: