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California Leave Law: A Practical Guide for Employers, now available in an updated sixth edition

December 7 2018

We are pleased to announce the publication of the sixth edition of California Leave Law: A Practical Guide for Employers, co-authored by Weintraub Tobin Shareholder, Lizbeth (“Beth”) West, and published by Matthew Bender/LexisNexis.

California Leave Law: A Practical Guide for Employers 6th Edition 2018


Book Highlights:

  • A summary of the law and tips on how to navigate the complex issues surrounding family leave, military leave, pregnancy disability leave, and other statutory leaves, as well as workers compensation and reasonable accommodation absences.
  • Insightful analysis of the key employment features to keep in mind when administering and managing leaves in California.
  • Determinative considerations in accounting for the many different California and federal rules through the use of case studies.
  • Important cases and their implications. Cases are presented along with practical analysis for the day-to-day issues faced in the typical employer/employee relationship.
  • California and federal model notices
  • Useful forms and checklists

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